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Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Awareness Training

Working with people from another country can often be difficult and frustrating because they do things differently. Our UAE Translation Services include Cultural Awareness Training to help you to discover cultural communicational and operational differences.

We have a team of trainers worldwide that assist our clients with their training and/or coaching needs. All trainers come with their own cultural or practical business skills that ensure learners receive the most up-to-date and correct information.
Have you tried Cross-Cultural Team Building for better communication? Businesses today consist of people from all over the world. Each brings their own view point, experiences and culture. As a result issues can and do arise due to different approaches to areas such as communication, time, management, decision making, meetings, planning and conflict. These issues need to be fixed in order to create an effective team.
Today's managers need the ability to communicate, guide, manage and motivate people from across the globe. The monocultural team is a thing of the past. Look at any office in Dubai and we see a truly multicultural make-up. With these multicultural teams becoming more and more commonplace, managers must be culturally aware to ensure they ‘manage’ in the most effective and appropriate manner.
Types of Cultural Awareness Courses Kwintessential Arabia offer a comprehensive suite of training courses, each designed to meet the particular needs of the participant(s). We design courses relating country specific, expatriate relocation, management and leadership, cultural competence, team building, sales and communication, negotiation and customer Services...
When working with people from another country have you ever been frustrated by the fact that they do things differently? That they don’t seem to prioritise items as you would? That they don’t communicate clearly enough?