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Cultural Awareness Training - Cross-Cultural Services

cultural training

Cultural Awareness Courses

When working with people from another country have you ever been frustrated by the fact that they do things differently? That they don’t seem to prioritise items as you would? That they don’t communicate clearly enough?

Everyone is conditioned by culture—we all have differences in values, assumptions and perceptions that are expressed in the way we behave, interact and do business. Nowhere can this be more detrimental than in an international workplace, where misunderstandings based on culture can make or break lucrative business deals, international mergers and any other type of cross-cultural working.

We are globally renowned specialists at designing and delivering courses that bring education, knowledge, self-awareness and ROI. Designed in close collaboration with you and your organisation, our cultural awareness courses assist people working internationally to become more understanding towards the different attitudes and behaviours of people worldwide.

Whatever your training need, we can build a course for you. Whether it’s an expatriate relocation course on Dubai, an introduction to Islam and the Arab world, some management coaching, team-building or remote working, we have the experience and experts to address your needs.

Need some training? Contact us to discuss your needs.