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Website translations into any language!

website translation service dubaiWebsites are a critical part of any modern business. It has become in many ways the ‘face’ of a business. With the advent of the global economy more people are using the internet to search for products and services. As a result the demand for professional website translations has never been higher.

We help companies go truly global through the translation, design and localization of websites into multilingual portals.

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What does a Website Translation cost?

Due to the various sizes and types of websites available we are unable to offer set costs. Firstly, we need to know if you

a.    Only want the text of a website translated, or
b.    You want us to translate and design the foreign language pages

Option 'a' is calculated on a per/word basis, whereas option 'b' requires some consultation and analysis.

For a free, no-obligation quote please Contact us.

How does a Website Translation work?

There are a number of approaches to translating a website. At its simplest level we can translate the text used on a website and hand it back to the designer to upload and finish off the foreign language version. At its more complex levels we may have to deal with a CMS, numerous languages, complex formatting, localization issues and a number of other factors.

The easiest way to get your translation project started is to speak to one of our Relationship Managers who can walk you through options, costs and timescales.

Do you have any examples of websites you have translated?

We have numerous examples of English to Arabic websites and multilingual websites we have translated and/or designed. One of our ongoing projects is for "Visit Abu Dhabiwhere we completed the initial translations and maintan the updates in all languages. Click the image below to visit their website and see our work.

Visit Abu Dhabi - Arabic website translation
Another website translation is for "Hitachi Middle East" where we completed the full translation into Arabic, the desktop publishing of images and also the web design.  Click on the image below to see the website in action:

HItachi website translation 1
For more examples of our work and how we can help you please Contact us today!